Junior Roller Derby

Flat Track Roller Derby is one of today’s fastest growing sports. The Atlanta Derby Brats allows girls ages 7-17 to play a fast-paced and highly competitive sport.

When skaters turn 18 and “age-out” of the league, they can opt to join the Atlanta Rollergirls, which is an adult full-contact league.

The nature of the Atlanta Derby Brats program nurtures and develops athletes of all skill levels, from seasoned skating veterans to those who are brand new at skating and haven’t found the champion living inside of them. Being a team sport with rotating roles, each girl learns to be a leader and to work as a team. They learn how to be graceful, win or  lose. Their confidence in themselves grows, and many of our athletes find that this confidence builds in other areas of their lives, such as their performance in school and the community.

We also teach the value of diversity. The Atlanta Derby Brats is an all-inclusive organization where every child is an individual as well as a team player, and we work to bring out the best in each one of our skaters.