Meet the Trainers

The Atlanta Derby Brats are trained by a team of coaches and top skaters who are or were former rollergirls from such leagues as the Atlanta Rollergirls, Classic City Rollergirls and other surrounding Georgia leagues. Each trainer is a proven expert in flat track roller derby and has undergone a thorough background check.

The team of trainers, just like our skaters, draws people from diverse backgrounds. We know that our diversity is one of our strengths and it helps our trainers relate to a wide range of kids. Our mission is to introduce young ladies to the competitive sport of roller derby and to nurture self-confidence by developing teamwork and athletic ability while encouraging individuality within a culture of discipline and camaraderie.

Tanya Hyde

Founder, Atlanta Rollergirls

As the Founder of the Atlanta Rollergirls, Angela Ward has been involved with roller derby in the Atlanta area since 2004. Having served as a skater, ARG President, coach, co-captain and captain, Angela has worn many hats in the derby world.

Years Derbying: 2004 – Present
2005 – 2008 – Denim Demons (2006, 2007 – Co-Captain; 2008 – Captain)
2005 – 2009 – ARG All Stars/Dirty South Derby Girls (2009 – Co-Captain)
2010 – 2011 – Dirty South Derby Girls Coach
2012 – Apocalypstix Coach

Background: BS, Elementary Education; Soccer; Basketball;


“You can’t score points while you’re sitting in a chair, so stay out of the penalty box!”

Former Atlanta Rollergirl: Years active: 2005 – 2008
2005 – Sake Tuyas
2006 – Toxic Shocks (Team Co-Captain) and ARG All-Stars
2007 – Toxic Shocks and ARG All-Stars
2008 – Toxic Shocks

Background: Track, Dance/Cheer, Softball, Sports Medicine, Community Health

Greatest derby moment: I’ve been here since the beginning! Making history by playing in the very first modern-day roller derby tournament (2006 Dust Devil) in Tucson, AZ is the first thing that comes to mind (even though my team got slaughtered). I’m fortunate enough to have played roller derby with and against some amazing women all over the U.S.


Hate Ashbury #67

“The summer of love is over.”

Current Team: Denim Demons
Years with ARG: 2010 – 2011
Positions Played: Pivot, Jammer
Athletic Background: Hate is a marathon runner
Likes: Kittens, people who hate the same things I do.
Dislikes: Zombie kittens, chickens, sharing.






Shell Shocker

Former Atlanta Rollergirl: Years Active: 2005-2008
2005: Denim Demons
2006: Denim Demons/ARG All-Stars
2007: Denim Demons
2008: Denim Demons

Athletic Background: Drill Team (High School), Flag Football, Vollyball, Softball, Soccer (all College Intramural Sports)

Greatest Derby Moment: My last season as a Denim Demon. I watched our team gel like never before and we went from being the constant underdog to being in the Championships for the first time since ARG was created. We didn’t win, but our success extended into the team’s next season, where the Demons finally did achieve Championship victory. I was so proud of everyone on that team for accomplishing what we had started. I have a great love and respect for the Atlanta Rollergirls as I feel we are true leaders in an organization that gets it right.