Famous Skaters from Atlanta, GA: A Look at the City's Skateboarding Scene

Atlanta, Georgia is home to some of the most talented skateboarders in the United States. Taylor Grant is one of the most famous skaters from the city, having started skateboarding at the age of six and competing in amateur competitions. He has gained recognition in the skateboarding world through print magazines, video recordings, and word of mouth. Jabari Anderson and Neil Rayburn are two other skaters from Georgia who have shared their experiences as active skaters in Atlanta.

On Sundays, legendary pro Tony Hawk often visits Old Fourth Ward Park to show off some moves. Stratosphere Skateboards is the city's go-to resource for skaters. The open bowls contain deeper holes where skaters can get lost in endless loops, as well as volcanoes, rollers, potholes, and mounds located in the center. In honor of Grant winning the Skater of the Year award, his main sponsor Volcom published a statement in homage to him.

The Team Editions 2 models are made of black suede and include the skater of the year 2011 and are presented in a luxuriously engraved wooden shoe box. The 17,000 square foot skate park located in Atlanta quickly became a must-see destination for all Atlanta-area residents after its construction. The park is well known for its impressive bowling designs, its creative street plaza design, and for being frequented by professional skaters from all over the United States.

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