The Best Skateboard Trucks in Atlanta, GA - An Expert's Guide

Skateboarding is a popular sport in Atlanta, GA, and having the right skateboard trucks is essential for a great ride.

Independent trucks

are renowned for their durability, but they can be quite heavy. This changed when Independent introduced Stage 11 Hollows and Titanium trucks, which are much lighter. The Indianapolis trucks are also great for both street and transition skateboarding, as they require less grinding.

Standalone trucks come in various sizes and can support skateboard platforms from 6.2 inches to 10 inches. It's important to note that the size of the truck doesn't have to perfectly align with the platform size, as there are personal preferences and wheel sizes to consider. When it comes to skateboard trucks, there are several options available.

Standard trucks

are the most affordable option, but they are heavier than hollow and titanium trucks. The standard Indy van is the only one that supports 10-inch boards.

The Stage 11 Hollow is 7% lighter than the standard truck due to its hollow shaft and center pivot, but this doesn't mean that it's weaker.

Thunder Trucks

is another popular brand that was founded in 1986 and is favored by many professionals. The Team edition motherboard offers more space as it's 1 mm thicker than other models. The Team Hollows are slightly taller than other trucks and have a thicker base plate for more free space. They also have a premium main pivot and reinforced hollow axles for reduced weight.

Paris offers V1, V2, V3 trucks and the exclusive Savant downhill trucks. The V2 and V3 trucks are great for sliding, while the V1 is a bit dated. The new V3 has improved casting process, bushings, swivel suction cups and supports 165 mm wide boards. The V2 truck is ideal for cruising but not recommended for street skating. All Arbor cruise ships come with city trucks from Paris, which are taller than regular trucks (57.15 mm) and great for tricks without worrying about broken wheels.

Independent trucks

offer the best balance between durability and light weight, while Tensor, Thunder, Venture, and Ace also offer quality design, performance and suitability for different driving environments.

Loose trucks are preferred by street skaters, but Indy cars are heavier due to their material which makes them more durable. Upgrading your trucks can be a frustrating experience at first as you'll have to break the bushings and get used to how they respond. When it comes to choosing the best skateboard truck for your needs in Atlanta, GA, there are several factors to consider. You should take into account your budget, riding style, board size, wheel size, and personal preferences. With so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to make an informed decision.

However, with this guide you will be able to find the perfect skateboard truck that will provide you with an enjoyable ride.

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