Exploring the Thrilling Skating Scene in Atlanta, GA

Skating is a beloved pastime in Atlanta, GA, with a long history and plenty of spots to explore. Skate Town, located in Southwest Atlanta, is one of the oldest skate spots in the area. It opened in 1986 and has become a go-to destination for skaters from all over the world. Golden Glide in Decatur is another iconic spot for skaters, offering a variety of terrain for both transition and street skaters.

The city has also taken steps to recognize skaters and their activities. Unfortunately, there are still obstacles that prevent people from being prosecuted for certain activities. Sammy contacted the Atlanta Police Department's Special Victims Unit to alert them about a predator in the skating scene, but he ran into one of these barriers. Whether you're a visitor or a local looking for a new spot, this list of the best skate parks in Atlanta will help you find your next session. Every night, there are at least one session for adults at the dozen skating rinks in the metropolitan area, with music by some of the best skate DJs in the US.

Jabari Anderson and Neil Rayburn, two students from Georgia, shared their experiences as active skaters in Atlanta. The Atlanta skate scene is constantly evolving with new places to explore. One of the highest and busiest spots in Atlanta is North Avenue, which has become a popular spot for transition skaters due to its six skittles, including a professional backyard pool.

Alberta Burkhard
Alberta Burkhard

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