Skateboarding in Atlanta: A Rich History and a Bright Future

Atlanta, Georgia is a city with a vibrant skateboarding culture that is full of resources for its skateboarders. From skate parks to skate stores, the city has plenty of options for its skateboarding community. Skating has a strong presence in the city, from clothing to vernacular culture, DIY culture, and music. There are traditions and customs that the community follows, such as how to maintain your board or the type of board you have.

The law also allows skaters 12 years of age or younger to enter the zone that prohibits older skaters, but they must be accompanied by an adult. Jabari Anderson and Neil Rayburn, two students from the state of Georgia, shared their experiences as active skaters in Atlanta. They both agree that the skateboarding scene in Atlanta is alive and well. According to them, there is a strong sense of community among skaters in the city. They also noted that Stratosphere Skateboards, which opened in 1986, is the city's most popular and go-to resource for skaters. The skateboarding scene in Atlanta is growing and becoming more accepted by the public.

There are more skate parks being built and more skate stores popping up around the city. Skateboarding is becoming more mainstream and accepted by society as a whole. This is great news for skaters in Atlanta as it means more opportunities for them to express themselves through their sport. Skateboarding in Atlanta has a rich history and a bright future. With more resources available to skaters, more people are getting involved in the sport.

Skateboarding is becoming more accepted by society and this is allowing skaters to express themselves through their sport without fear of judgement or persecution.

Alberta Burkhard
Alberta Burkhard

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