The Best Skate Parks in Atlanta, GA: A Skater's Guide

Are you a skater in transition looking for a bowl or a street skater who wants to go big on some ledges and flat bars? Atlanta has a great variety of terrain for skate parks, so whether you're a visitor or a local, this list of the best skate parks in Atlanta will guide you in the right direction for your next session.

Hapeville Skatepark

is one of the most unique skate parks in the city. It features several bowls with extensions, a volcano, hips and bumps. Street obstacles consist of railings, ledges, ladders, a bench, pumps, and a spine.

With such a diverse mix of terrain, this skateboard park should satisfy just about every type of skater. It's an ideal spot for both beginners and experienced skaters looking to hone their skills on the street.

Brook Run Skatepark

is 27,000 square feet and was designed with both beginner and advanced skaters in mind. It has a giant flow bowl that's perfect for spinning around and hitting your hips and extensions. When you're ready to take a step forward, there's a pool-type bowl with billiard tiles and a pool lid.

Spohn Ranch

is known for building new and innovative facilities and Riverdale Skatepark is no exception.

This 40,000 square feet skate park is a replica of the Street League's professional-style skating facilities. This means that all the obstacles are exactly the same as the professionals skate in the Street League competition. There are flat protrusions, handrails, flat bars, manual pads, recesses and much more. Designed and built by Wally Hollyday, Fowler Skatepark has numerous bowling alleys, tube rooms, bench ramps, slides, railings, stairs, pyramids, vertical walls, cube shelves, and flat shelves. Definitely, skaters in transition were preferred for this design since there are six bowling pins here including a professional backyard-type pool. Whether you're looking for an innovative facility or just want to practice your skills on the street obstacles like rails and ledges, these skate parks in Atlanta have something for everyone.

So grab your board and get ready to shred!.

Alberta Burkhard
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